Laris by Clara Duna – Elegance and emotion in every detail

Every definition of art starts from all the emotions that it produces inside each and every one of us. Either if we are referring to the pure, abstract form of creation or people’s own experiences relived through the eyes of the artist, art itself was humanity’s greatest companion throughout the years.

Art gives a rather accurate portrayal of human nature and the source of human emotions. It contains a certain harmony between shapes and colors that trigger pure feelings. Art is the one that gives voice to the inner human meditation. The soul is contemplating absolute freedom in the face of the artist’s remarkable creative power. Looking at a piece of art is the ultimate testimony for the union between the materials used and the artist’s creative concept and skill. That is the thing that transcends time and culture and it’s that emotion that sends the viewer into another world.

Laris by Clara Duna takes this perfect union between the elements and the creator’s vision and produces a large panoply of interior decorating accessories and luxury objects, ranging from different styles and ideas that are well-suited for every taste.

The perfect combination between the decorative elements and the artist’s impressive skill gives those objects and accessories a fashionable tint of elegance. The objects in their portfolio, carefully handcrafted with a great care for detail and featuring perfect design lines make Laris Art the ideal source for unique furniture pieces across the world.

Swarovski Crystals

Their portfolio features a large collection of countless luxury decorative objects and furniture pieces adorned with Swarovski Crystals. In order to witness the pure passion of the brand’s artists, a great example of such an object is one of their most prized creations: a restored antique furniture, the only existing model in the world, adorned with over one hundred fifty thousand crystals during a 480 day of carefully handcrafted work. The care for every small detail is what gives these pieces a sense of exclusiveness and of extraordinary quality.

This singular artistic endeavor was formed by the passion for beauty, for art and for the subtlety of crafting every detail. Laris by Clara Duna, started by Clara Duna in 1990, has had furniture and decorative design experience since 1996. Clara Duna worked with more than 22 stores and fashion boutiques and she studied alongside experienced designers. She pushed her passion for beauty to the top and she achieved tremendous skills in crafting art pieces. Since her school years, she showed her first creations to the artistic world. At 17 she started having numerous expos and galleries showing her drawings and graphic works. From all of these endeavors, anyone can see a life lived for creating art and for triggering artistic emotions. Along with her daughter, Iulia Lis, herself a designer of unique objects, with numerous galleries and an intense artistic activity since 2002, Clara Duna created this brand in order to bring the elegance and the power of their creative passion throughout the years in every home. Their unique creations are a testament for the perfect union between that passion, their art and all the viewers’ emotions.